Helping you to know your audience, share your story with them, and deliver them long-term, sustainable value.

A New Marketing Challenge 

We’re entering a new paradigm in the way that we engage, communicate, learn and interact with audiences, no matter what industry or market we operate in. Some of the pillars upon which Marketing best practices have historically been built still hold true, many – if not most – don’t. We therefore need to change our understanding and thinking if we’re to successfully relate to audiences who are more connected, engaged, opinionated, aware and empowered than ever before.

Where To Start

Get2Growth is intended to help marketers and entrepreneurs in this new paradigm by providing them with the techniques, tips, and tools to drive customer and revenue growth through:

Marketing Rocks!

Insights & Perspectives

I’m John Webb – marketer, storyteller, entertainer, educator, seller.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about products and brands: big brands such as Heinz, Yahoo! and Virgin; entertainment franchises including Disney, WWE and Grand Theft Auto; and working with a lot of embryonic start-ups and early-stage growth businesses. And no matter how big or small, or how long that brand’s been around, how intimately they know their audience, impactfully they tell their stories, and how they deliver meaningful value have been determining factors in how fast and sustained they’ve grown.

The insights and perspectives that I’ve gained through these experiences can help you to find short-cuts to best practices, get ideas from how others have met your challenges, and help you to better understand the principles for attracting, engaging and gaining buy-in from audiences. Growth is not a result but a process, and I want to help you fuel that process to achieve beyond the results that you’ve seen or are expecting. So, want more customers who are more active, engaged and happier, who’ll actually do your Marketing for you? Then read on and be sure to let me know what you think.