“Planning is valuable, though the plan is usually useless.” Ben Horowitz

Plan to perform

If you’re like most business professionals, you spend a lot of time planning:

  • Business Plans
  • Financial Plans
  • Sales / Marketing Plans
  • Account Plans
  • Team Development Plans
  • And so on

Yet often those plans actually get in the way of getting stuff done and creating value for our customers. They end up being not fit for purpose because:

  • they’re poorly written
  • the presentation is sloppy
  • they’re incomplete
  • they’re too vague
  • they’re too detailed and prescriptive
  • they’re based on unfounded assumptions or inadequate research
  • it’s not really a plan at all

This is such a waste of time, effort, and resource. These should and could be powerful tools that you use to refine your thinking and ideas; align your business; and drive real change and growth.

How can Get2Growth help?

With techniques, tips, and tools to make business simple, Get2Growth is your virtual business coach and mentor.

Get2Growth helps businesses, teams, and individuals start planning and acting with clarity, focus, and alignment.

My mission is to give you the insights, ideas, and practical applications to streamline your planning processes, devise more effective strategies, and execute with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Areas covered

  • How to discover, define, profile and understand your audience
  • How to build your business plan to drive effective action
  • How to tell the story of your business or brand with standout and resonance
  • How to craft and realise your value proposition
  • How to optimise your marketing and sales processes to generate traffic, leads, and sales
  • How to create advocates, evangelists, and super-fans

Where to start?

Check out some the free planning templates available:

The One Page Marketing Plan
The One Page Account Plan
SWOT Alternative: The SCOPE Situational Analysis Tool

Or dive into the Get2Growth blog for more insights, strategies, and tips on making business simple and driving growth.

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