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Techniques, tips, and tools to: discover your ideal target audience; effectively profile them; track and understand them; and then evolve them into a movement.


Determining your audience is the starting point for any business plan, marketing strategy or brand architecture. If a brand has a solid understanding of its audience it can clearly define who its best customers are, who its least valuable customers are, and where opportunities may lie. Yet it’s a discipline that many struggle with, often defaulting to constraining or misleading perspectives and measures. The audience that you intend to serve should be the guiding reference for everything that you do. It is at the beginning, middle and end of all decision-making; forming the foundation of, and the basis for all your strategies, tactics and communications. At the end of the day, the most amazing product in the world, best advertising campaign, or biggest launch budget are all wasted if they are targeting the wrong audience.

Google Tools

3 Google Tools for Building Your Audience Profile

Google provides several products that can help you to understand and build your audience profile. By giving access to historic search data and offering tools to help you mine insights, Google can be a great starting point for building a comprehensive, rich and actionable audience profile. Although Google’s primary goal is to sell advertising by […]

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Engaging and Mobilising Online Communities

Online communities are nothing new. In fact you can argue that they’ve been around since the dawn of the internet age, when users first started posting messages in bulletin boards and early forums emerged where you could add comments. Yet many brands still struggle to gain traction or return from their efforts when it comes to […]

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Defining Audience, Customers, Consumers

The terms Audience, Customers and Consumers are often used inter-changeably by marketers, yet there are essential differences between the definitions that need to be understood and appreciated if you’re to optimally target your marketing and communications, and ultimately build an effective business model. The distinctions may appear subtle, yet they provide clarity on how revenue […]

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Target Audience – The 5 A’s Model

Delimiting and defining your target audience is the starting point for any business plan, marketing strategy or brand architecture; yet it’s a discipline that many struggle with, often defaulting to limiting or misleading perspectives and measures. As Michael Dell stresses, “The idea of being all things to all people is a thing of the past.” […]

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The VAULT Model for Customer Segmentation

Many of the models and methods that are available for developing a customer segmentation strategy are often highly convoluted and overlook the basics of customer motivations, lacking appreciation of the customer’s considerations and needs as they migrate through the product experience. The VAULT Model provides a simple framework that enables the marketer to align strategies and tactics […]

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