The One Page Marketing Plan Template

Creating, and using, a Marketing Plan is a critical aspect of any successful business or marketing operation. However, this doesn’t mean spending hours grafting to generate slide after slide of PowerPoint, or pages and pages of documents. The planning process should be informed, considered, and swift; moving onto action quickly so you can test, optimize and gain traction. The tools available to marketers and entrepreneurs are limited in this regard, often providing nothing more than mere content lists with open section headings. A Marketing Plan needs focus, and the exercise of distilling thinking onto one page provides the necessary discipline to ensure that its contents are filtered, relevant, and clear. I therefore advocate the One Page Marketing Plan Template; this takes the fundamental building blocks of marketing planning and aligns them on a single page in a storyboard fashion to provide clarity and cohesion. The One Page Marketing Plan Template divides the plan into 3 primary pillars:

  1. Outlining the Audience that you’re looking to target
  2. Outlining the Strategies you’ll adopt to engage with that Audience
  3. Outlining the Activities that you’ll use to deliver those Strategies

Each pillar is then divided into 3 sub-sections as follows:


a. Target Persona
What demographic, psychographic or firmographic criteria define and delimit your ideal target buyer?
What are their challenges and needs?

b. Behavior
What is the Target Persona buyer’s journey?
What are the different stages in their purchase process?
What causes someone to look for information about your product or service?
Where do your Target Persona go for information?
How do they interact with potential vendors?

c. Value Proposition
What value does your product or service deliver to your Target Persona?
How does your solution meet their primary need?
Why is it better than what they’re using / doing at the moment? Or versus what else is out there?
How are you remarkable?


a. Marketing Goals
What are you trying to achieve?
Is the expectation for short or long term results?

b. Key Strategies
What approaches will you take to achieve your Marketing Goals?

c. Marketing Channels
Which channels and vehicles will you use to communicate your Value Proposition to your Target Persona?
How does your focus and budget breakdown against these?


a. Pricing & Positioning
How much will you charge for your product or service?
Are there pre-established price points for this product/service in the marketplace?
Is the customer price sensitive?
What is your competition charging?

b. Tactics & Activities
What specific activities will you do in order to deliver your strategies?
What resources do you need?

c. Measures of Success
How will you measure the success of your Marketing Plan?
What Key Performance Indicators will you look at?
What are your measurable targets versus where you are now?

Completing the One Page Marketing Plan Template

One Page Marketing Plan Template

The template is intended to be a visual aid not only to display the content of your Marketing Plan, but also to brainstorm and capture it. Start by printing it out in as large a scale as possible, and then begin putting thoughts and ideas into each cell. A great way to do this is with post-it notes which can be added, discarded and moved to build your overall picture quickly. Think about the plan as a progression – move sequentially down each column before jumping to the next. In this way, you’re building on what you’ve defined previously; taking into consideration your earlier inputs to provide the basis for subsequent sections. Move fast and involve others to bounce your thinking off or stress test your ideas; you can always go back and tweak as necessary. Your Marketing Plan is not a one-off exercise and should be seen as a live document that you test and refine over time. It will never be perfect – no plan ever is – what’s important is to get something that provides direction that you can test and optimize in order to gain traction quickly.

Let me know how you get on and feel free to send me any examples of how you’re using the One Page Marketing Plan Template in your business. Good luck.

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