Helping marketing teams accelerate speed-to-market, increase productivity and grow relevance through Agile Marketing.

The marketing approach that's revolutionising business

More Growth

Agile Marketing departments are
3X more likely
to significantly grow market share.
Source: CMG Partners

Faster To Market

Typically, Agile Marketing teams see a
600% increase
in speed-to-market.
Source: McKinsey

Increased Productivity

Agile Marketing teams have seen a
300% increase
in the number of marketing tasks completed.
Source: Atlassian

"Agility is the new name of the marketing game." Shubu Mitra, Coca-Cola

Agile Marketing is a new approach and operating model for marketing made up of a set of lean business practices and methodologies. It collapses up-front planning cycles to optimise the marketing mix across all customer touch points through rapid experimentation, testing and iteration. Agile Marketing uses data and analytics to continuously identify new opportunities and solutions to problems; with better, quicker decision-making leading to: more flexibility to react to market changes and adjust course; greater innovation and creativity delivering more impactful, relevant and effective campaigns; and overall increased productivity and faster speed-to-market.

Let's get started!

"Lack of training and knowledge about agile approaches is the biggest barrier to implementing it."
Wrike State of Agile Marketing

  • Introduction to Agile Marketing
  • Outline of key principles
  • Approach to planning & execution
  • Choosing the right methodology
  • Working as an Agile Marketing team
  • Continuous Improvement practices
  • Agile Marketing in action
  • Structuring for business alignment
  • Measuring what matters

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