The Value Proposition Definition

At face value Value Propositions can seem relatively straightforward; yet I’d suggest that this is why in practice they’re often not paid the due attention that they require. In reality, building a meaningful Value Proposition entails structured analysis, focused thinking, and an ongoing commitment. As a starting point, finding an effective Value Proposition definition is […]

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Biz Stone

Twitter Founder Biz Stone Quotes from the London Business Forum

This morning I was fortunate enough to attend a talk by Twitter co-founder (and as he pointed out, patent holder), and the current co-founder / CEO of Jelly Industries, Biz Stone. Having met with and seen live a number of the startup world’s ‘rockstars’, Biz was absolutely one of the most engaging, entertaining, insightful and inspirational […]

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Why Values Are The Key to Sustainable Growth

Brian Chesky, one of the founders of Airbnb, recently wrote an article on company culture. He stresses that company culture is built on locking in the core values from the start. “It’s living the core values when you hire; when you write an email; when you are working on a project; when you are walking […]

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Business Model Canvas

Advantages of the Business Model Canvas

Whether you’re in startup mode or gaining traction, you need real clarity on your business model so you can design your business for success. The Business Model Canvas (BMC) was originally developed by Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, and presented in their seminal 2010 book ‘Business Model Generation’ as a visual framework for devising, developing […]

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New Marketing Agenda

The New Marketing Agenda

Marketing has changed. Everyone thinks that they can do Marketing. They think it’s easy, just a matter of common sense. We all consume Marketing (or rather what we consider Marketing); we know what we like and what we respond to, hence we believe that we’re experts. But Marketing has changed and has to change…fundamentally. Changing […]

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How Many Startups Are There? (Infographic)

Startups are everywhere, and the number of startups is growing at a faster rate than ever before. Yet how many are there worldwide? And of these, how many are tech startups? The following infographic puts some numbers to these and other measures to give a picture of the startup world.

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How to Set a Startup Marketing Budget

How to think about marketing spend One of the most frequent questions that I get asked is when should I start spending money on marketing, and how much? Don’t think that you HAVE to spend, especially when you first start, but don’t fear it if and when you can. All companies that grow like crazy […]

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European Startup Events 2014

JANUARY 10-12  Athens Launch48 Weekend – Athens 14-15  General Assembly Developer Meet & Greet – London 15  3rd OpenStack User Group Nordics Meetup – Stockholm 19-21 DLD14 – Munich 22-25  Bett Powering Learning – London 27-28  Wearable Technologies Conference 2014 Europe – Munich 28  Creative Tech Hub – London 30  City Meets Tech – London

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Marketing Your Startup In Foreign Markets

For today’s startups, the opportunities and ability to extend their offerings to foreign markets has never been greater. Global platforms for web infrastructure, commerce, and marketing make international market development a real possibility, yet many are held back by lack of understanding; concern over the resources required; and a fear of the unknown. By building […]

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Startup Marketing, Learn To Farm As Well As Hunt

Most startup marketing focuses on hunting for new customers, rather than trying to ‘farm’ customers to build sustainable long-term growth. Hunters rely on new customer acquisition strategies to constantly replenish their customer base, moving onto the next prospect once the deal is done. The energy, buzz and ‘vanity metrics’ associated with ‘capturing new prey’ makes […]

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