Clear thinking to ignite & sustain growth

Strategic clarity to create brand cut-through, generate customer value and deliver sustainable growth for B2B businesses.

From John Webb

Simplifying thinking to reshape the growing complexity

B2B is more complex than ever. The explosion of new technology, emerging market disruptors, shifting legislative and economic environments, evolving customer needs and demands - the rate of change is unrelenting.

So why do some businesses not only survive but thrive in this environment?

The answer is that they have strategic clarity.

Having clarity on the value that you bring, how to convey it, and the understanding of how to operationalise and commercialise it are the pillars to igniting and sustaining meaningful growth.

I'm John Webb, I help founders and leadership teams achieve rapid and sustainable growth by getting clear on their strategy and then executing it effectively across their whole business.

I do this by helping them to identify the inhibitors and blockers to growth, and then devising plans to remove these using a combination of experience, data and innovation.

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I support founders and leadership teams in the following areas:

Audience development

I will help you identify and understand your ideal customers, and develop strategies to reach them where they are.

Data strategy

I will help you collect, analyse, orchestrate and use data to inform your decisions, automate customer experiences, and create new business models.

Value creation

I will help you create and communicate compelling value propositions that resonate with your target audience and move you away from the competition to establish a market of one.

Demand generation

I will help you generate interest in your products or services, and then convert this into leads and closed deals.

Sales effectiveness

I will help you design processes and align your teams to move customers forward in their buying journeys and successfully close more deals.

Strategy starts with understanding the value you bring

Business growth stems from the value that you're creating and delivering for customers. Your ability to understand and then clearly articulate that value is therefore paramount to your ultimate success.

Your value proposition is the most important concept in your business - it's the promise of the value that you're going to deliver to your customers, employees, shareholders and partners. Without getting it right you won't build a viable business and be able to stimulate or sustain growth.

So, is your current value proposition cutting it?

Find out by completing the
Value Proposition Scorecard and get personalised feedback on where you need to refine and improve.

Is your value proposition cutting it?

Rate your current value proposition with this free scorecard and get a personalised report with feedback tailored to your specific needs.

Workshop Facilitator

Need an expert facilitator for your strategy workshop?

Free up your attention to focus on participating in your workshop, without having to worry about driving it. As an experienced facilitator, I'll do all the prep work for you and run the session so it delivers a truly transformative plan:

  • Create an agenda and process that stimulates energy, engagement and outcomes aligned to your objectives
  • Eliminate politics and internal bias to make sure everyone is heard and contributes
  • Tap into proven frameworks that guide innovative solutions and informed decisions
  • Ensure actions are captured accurately and then followed-through afterwards
Value Promise

Unlock your company's promise with the Value Launchpad program

Most businesses don't have enough clarity on their core value proposition. This 6-week program gives you the understanding and tools to unlock your value, effectively express it, and then take it to market.

  • Discover and profile the ideal customer you should be targeting
  • Define and articulate a clear value proposition for them that generates impact and resonance
  • Determine your key messaging themes to create understanding and buy-in
  • Create an initial marketing sprint to test your thinking and gain traction

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