Accelerating Growth Through
Agile Marketing

Teaching marketers and entrepreneurs the most effective action steps to plan and execute Agile Marketing strategies to get customers.

Agile Marketing is a new approach and operating model for marketing made up of a set of lean business practices and methodologies. It collapses up-front planning cycles to optimise the marketing mix across all customer touch points through rapid experimentation, testing and iteration.

"Agility is the new name of the marketing game." Shubu Mitra, Coca-Cola

Faster to Market
Typically, Agile Marketing teams see a
600% increase
in speed-to-market.
Source: McKinsey

​Increased Productivity
Agile Marketing teams have seen a
300% increase
in the number of marketing tasks completed.
Source: Atlassian

More Growth
Agile Marketing departments are
3X more likely
to significantly grow market share.
Source: CMG Partners

Agile Marketing uses data and analytics to continuously identify new opportunities and solutions to problems; with better, quicker decision-making leading to: more flexibility to react to market changes and adjust course; greater innovation and creativity delivering more impactful, relevant and effective campaigns; and overall increased productivity and faster speed-to-market.

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Know Your Audience

Who are you serving? The starting point for any business is to understand clearly and precisely who their audience is. Yet to many this remains ill-defined. Knowing your audience requires identifying who your ideal target is, effectively profiling them, and then constantly observing and listening.

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Simple Planning

Too many businesses today jump straight into execution. They start with the tactics - content marketing, funnel optimisation, lead generation, etc. - without having done the necessary up-front planning.  Effective Marketing Planning is the difference between accelerating growth and dying on the vine.

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Get Customers

We all want to get customers. Yet marketing today has become very complicated. New tools, techniques, platforms, and channels are emerging all the time. To get customers you need to focus on the key things that make a difference, and be agile in your approach to execute, test, adjust, and iterate. 

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