Changing the way Marketing works to meet the developing needs of customers.

Most marketing agencies either focus on ‘big picture’ strategic thinking, or the detail of tactical delivery: content, search, social, automation, PR, and so forth.

But how can you improve the way that it all works together? How do you marry strategic thinking with tactical execution to deliver great marketing that generates impact, resonance and stimulates actions in a world where customer demands are in constant flux, competitive threats are escalating, and marketing technologies are developing at an exponential rate? 

At the end of the day, you can have the best strategy in the world, but if you can’t turn it into reality you’re not going to see the benefits, and you’re not going to grow your business.


Operating Model

At Get2Growth we focus on the How to connect the Why with the What. We help you to make your marketing strategies more effective by accelerating, refining and generally improving the way you make them happen: how you deliver the tactics to maximise customer relevance and commercial results.

We do this in three ways:

  • Simplifying your marketing planning so it has more focus, clarity and buy-in to drive outcomes that are aligned to your business goals.
  • Supporting your move to Agile Marketing ways-of-working so you can execute better marketing, faster, that’s responsive to changing customer needs and demands.
  • Providing access to proven marketing leadership resource to give you experienced, hands-on support when you need it.


One Page Marketing Plan

Are you new to marketing and want to understand how to pull together a marketing plan? Or you're already an experienced marketer but looking to make your planning more focused and effective? This online course gives you the specific steps to create a concise One Page Marketing Plan. 

Agile Marketing Launchpad

This 16-week program gives your team the know-how, methodologies and coaching to create an Agile Marketing operating system to deliver faster, more responsive and attuned marketing. It entails high-level training for the wider team, kick-off workshops, and staggered implementation support.


The CMO-as-a-Service model gives you access to an experienced, heavy-weight CMO on either an interim or fractional basis so you don't have to take the expense or commitment of hiring a permanent, full-time CMO too early in your business' evolution, allowing you the flexibility to manage your resources.


At the heart of our approach is Agile Marketing. This is the new operating model for Marketing that has been shown to deliver:

  • Better, quicker decision-making
  • Faster speed to market
  • Improved quality and impact of campaigns
  • More flexibility to adjust course and optimise
  • More productive, engaged and happier teams

Agile may feel like the latest buzz term but there’s a growing chasm between how Marketing works and the rest of the organisation, especially Product Development and Operations teams. As a discipline and function we need to move to this new world, and quickly, otherwise we risk becoming sideline.

Marketing has historically been the guardian of the customer within the business, but customer experience is now a pervasive responsibility. As marketers we must work together as part of the customer experience equation, and to do this we must be Agile.

Get2Growth gives you the playbook and support to make the way you work as a Marketing team more impactful, effective and ultimately, rewarding.


Agile Marketing isn't a one-size fits all. Every company is different, every brand is different, and every marketing team is different. To be successful with Agile Marketing, and to realise the full benefits that it affords, you need to understand your specific context and then have an Agile approach to adopting Agile. This means don't try to take on everything at once. Use measured steps, test, and iterate once you have insights into what works - and what doesn't - for you.

During this introductory call we'll review your business, your processes, and your goals to gain a clear picture of where you're starting from.  We'll then help you to see what Agile Marketing can bring to your business, and what steps you should take so you can get up-and-running.

Please note this is not a sales call. The purpose is merely to help you understand what Agile Marketing entails, how you should approach it, and where to start. There's no obligation to continue the conversation or use any of our services. We do this because many people are so impressed and happy, they ask to become a client. If we can help, fantastic! If not, then at least we hope to give you some food-for-thought to take away.


Practitioners, not just theorists
We don't give you theory. The advice and insights we provide come from direct, hands-on experience of leading Marketing transformations in numerous businesses. We've been there and done it. We aren't looking at your business from ten-thousand feet; we're there with you in the dirt, getting things done.

Experienced across sectors, company sizes and structures
Our knowledge spans a wide range. we've worked in sectors from food to bleeding-edge tech; in businesses from early-stage start-ups to global super brands; across marketing disciplines; in Europe as well as global. We've seen that Agile Marketing is applicable to all, although every deployment is different. Our experience enables us to get up-to-speed quickly and add value from the off.

Tailored to your context and needs
We've learnt that it's crucial to understand the context before embarking on an Agile Marketing journey: the company, the processes, the technology, the brand, the environment, and especially the people. We don't offer a cookie-cutter approach. Although we have a structured package, the components are tailored to your specific situation based on up-front discussions and investigation.

12 Templates Every Marketer Needs


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