Agile Marketing
in 4 Steps


Tuesday 18th December 2018

13:00 GMT


"Agility is the new name of the marketing game."

Shubu Mitra, Coca-Cola

Everyone’s talking about being ‘agile’ in their marketing, but very few are actually practicing Agile Marketing…at least in Europe.

Yet, it has been seen and proven to have game-changing benefits: increased team productivity and delivery, greater innovation, more responsiveness to change and adaptiveness to market conditions, accelerated speed-to-market, closer proximity to customers, and overall more business growth.

It represents a new way of operating for marketing.

This isn't about how to create your strategy, or the tactics that you'll use. It's about how you bridge the two. It changes how the team and individuals within it work to make strategy more effective and relevant on an ongoing basis by executing the tactics more rapidly, experimenting, and developing a constantly learning culture to adapt, iterate, hone, and improve performance.

In this webinar, discover the four steps you must take to build an Agile Marketing organisation that can address the fast evolving demands of today's customers and markets.

In this webinar we'll cover:

  • What is Agile Marketing, why it’s imperative for todays marketing teams, and how you risk being left behind not only by your competitors, but also the rest of your organisation if you don’t move now.
  • What you need to consider when looking to adopt Agile Marketing; the requirements and implications for you, your team, leadership, the wider business, and your external partners.
  • The four key steps that you should take as you look to move to Agile Marketing and build an Agile Marketing team.
  • First-hand insights from ot​her organisations who’ve adopted Agile Marketing, with learnings of how they made it work for them.
John Webb

Your presenter:
John Webb

John is an expert in all things Agile Marketing with considerable experience across both B2C and B2B sectors. He founded Get2Growth to support European businesses as they move to Agile Marketing practices, having previously led Marketing for both Samsung and Rackspace in Europe. He’s also held senior marketing roles at Yahoo!, Rockstar Games, and H. J. Heinz, as well as leading the EMEA and APAC businesses for the world’s largest professional community of IT professionals, Spiceworks.