Hi, I'm John

I'm a strategist and advisor to founders, CEOs, boards and leadership teams within B2B scale-up businesses.

I set up Get2Growth to help B2B brands gain clarity on the value that they're providing, how to articulate it, and to develop the operational and commercial practices to realise that value to ignite and sustain growth.

John Webb Get2Growth

Where I've been

I've spent over 20 years working in operational and commercial leadership roles at companies across a plethora of sectors, geographies and stages in their development. Today I'm helping businesses find the short-cuts to growth by leveraging the insights, strategies and tools that I've accumulated over the years.

John Webb Experience

What I bring

I'll provide you with objective advice, expertise and support to help you achieve your goals, develop and execute successful growth strategies, and overcome any challenges you face. Through this, I'll question and challenge you to refine your thinking and disrupt the status quo. I'll bring:

  • A proven track record of helping B2B businesses double or triple their revenue, expand into new markets, and launch successful new products and services.
  • An extensive network of trusted contacts in the B2B world, including potential customers, partners, investors, and other experts, to help you achieve your business goals faster and easier.
  • Strong insights and analytical skills to quickly identify and understand the root causes of your problems, develop effective solutions, and collect and interpret data to make informed decisions that drive meaningful change.
  • An ability to excel when the pressure's on and deadlines are tight - I'll help you get to where you want to go faster than you thought possible.

What I believe and value

You can't win an infinite game
The game of business has no finish line. It's not about winning or losing. It's about transforming the world and helping others. That's how you create customer value and how you build a business that's geared to growth. The strategies that we'll create will focus first and foremost on the customer you're serving and how you offer them something of unique value.

Strategy requires the whole business
Strategy isn't the purview of just the board or leadership team. Ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere, and the business as a whole needs to mobilise for strategy to be game-changing. Our strategies will guide the entire business and leverage all resources to deliver for the customer to create compelling and distinct experiences.

Being human is core to B2B
Most B2B brands remain grey, robotic closed boxes reliant on automated responses and bland messaging. Great B2B brands realise that businesses are fundamentally collections of human beings. They communicate and engage with customers as real people who make decisions based on emotions. Our strategies will therefore take a human-first approach to build rapport, resonance and understanding amongst the people who will buy from and subsequently advocate for you.

We're in it together
I'm not here to tell you what to do. You'll always be the experts on your own business. We'll work together sharing ideas back-and-forth to devise strategies that will work specifically for you - you're particular context, needs and culture. I'll stimulate, advise and challenge but at the end of the day, you have to deliver. My goal is for you to achieve yours - my approach is not in and done - it's to be with you until the change that you're looking to make is secure and sustainable.