Agile Marketing Coaching

Once you've gone through the initial set-up, it's crucial to keep focus and momentum as you start to embed and scale your Agile Marketing. Every transition to Agile Marketing practices is different, and you'll have your own unique obstacles and challenges as you look to optimise and expand your processes. 

We're there to provide you with the necessary support, advice and guidance so you can continue to realise the benefits of Agile Marketing as you gain traction and grow.

We're on hand when you have any questions or queries as you progress along your Agile Marketing journey, and will act as a safety net for when things aren't working out.

Why do I need Agile Marketing coaching?

We believe that an Agile mindset and approach works for everyone, but existing Agile frameworks like Scrum and Kanban weren't originally designed for use by marketers. We'll therefore guide you through the process of adapting them to your unique situation and marketing context as you work with them on a day-by-day basis.

Who's it for?

Our coaching services are available for both individuals and teams seeking to improve and extend their knowledge of using Agile Marketing methods:

  • Senior leaders and managers wanting to optimise and expand Agile Marketing across multiple teams and functions.  
  • Marketing team members looking for ongoing support or to become internal trainers and coaches.
  • External partners and agencies needing to be included in the team's Agile practices.

Coaching objectives:

  • Ongoing advice and suggestions for process and practice alterations and improvements based on emerging challenges and needs.
  • Training team members to act as internal facilitators and coaches.
  • Understanding of how best to scale Agile Marketing across multiple teams and functions.
  • Introducing wider business agility to deliver consistent customer experiences via organisation-wide Agile adoption.

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