Agile Marketing Inception Workshop

The Agile Marketing Inception Workshop is aimed at marketing teams who want to facilitate change by implementing Agile processes, tools and culture. During this one-day session we'll establish the Agile Marketing ways-of-working that are right for your team and business, make the business case to transition, and then outline a roadmap to set-up and roll-out.

We'll deep dive into why you're looking to adopt Agile Marketing, how it aligns to your marketing and business goals, how you're currently planning and managing your marketing team activities and work, and what steps you need to take to set-up and get up-and running with Agile Marketing.

Why do I need an Inception Workshop?

This is a short consultancy phase designed to understand your operational and technical challenges, and then establish the needs of your team and business.

The workshop provides alignment between Agile Marketing and business objectives, transparency on existing capabilities, and clarity on the way forward to become an Agile Marketing organisation.

Who's it for?

Typically, our clients will be completely new to Agile Marketing, or will have experimented with Agile practices and are now ready to scale the approach and embed it across their marketing team(s).

Attending the workshop should be marketing leaders, team members and any stakeholders who play a role in the day-to-day operational running of the marketing team and its activities.

Workshop objectives:

  • Identify your goals for moving to Agile Marketing and understand how these align to your wider company objectives.
  • Construct a business justification for moving to Agile Marketing with predicted benefits for the initiative.
  • Choose the right Agile Marketing approaches and methodologies that work for your team and your business.
  • Establish best practices for working as an Agile Marketing team including how to organise, communicate, share learnings and ideas, and adopt deep and continuous cross-functional collaboration.
  • Identify the steps you need to take to build out your Agile Marketing processes.

Workshop Report

Within 2 weeks after the workshop we'll return to your offices for a half-day session where we'll present our final recommendations and next steps. 

1. Executive Summary
A series of high level recommendations based on the discussions and outputs from the workshop. These will cover which Agile Marketing methodologies and practices you should adopt, what the requirements for these are in terms of processes and resources, and the implications for your team and business.

2. Prioritised Next Steps
We provide a series of prioritised next steps that will drive the Agile capabilities of your team to deliver your specified business outcomes.

3. Roadmap
We outline the predicted timescales for each step to help set realistic expectations.

4. Business Case
We'll detail any ancillary financial costs that may be incurred in order to deliver the recommended programmes together with the expected outcomes to help provide a business justification for moving to Agile Marketing for your organisation. 

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