Agile Marketing Training

Our Agile Marketing Training will give your marketing team, wider internal stakeholders, and key external partners an introduction to Agile Marketing principles and techniques.

You'll get everything you need to start practicing Agile Marketing with confidence.

Why do I need Agile Marketing training?

This training will get your team, leaders and critical wider stakeholders up-to-speed with Agile Marketing so they buy into the value that it will bring to your business, and have an awareness and understanding of the implications for moving to these new ways-of-working for both individuals and the group.

Using a combination of lecture-style knowledge sharing, practical hands-on activities, and written assignments, the training sessions are tailored to your specific situation, business environment, and team make-up. Each session is also accompanied by an extensive notes pack for each attendee to take away and use as an ongoing reference.

Who's it for?

Each training session is built around your specific team make-up but overall there are 3 primary audiences for whom it's intended:

  • Senior leaders and managers who oversee one or more marketing teams.  
  • Marketing team members who are starting to adopt and use Agile Marketing methodologies and practices.
  • Key internal and external stakeholders (including agencies) who directly interface with the marketing team and will be impacted by their changing behaviours and processes.

Training objectives:

  • Introduce Agile Marketing: what it is, where did it come from, what are the benefits.
  • Understand why marketing needs agility NOW.
  • Outline the key principles, methodologies, components, and terminology of Agile Marketing.
  • Highlight approaches to planning and execution: establishing Agile teams, designing workflows, fostering collaboration, and avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Provide examples and case studies from organisations who've implemented Agile Marketing: what they did, what hurdles they encountered, how they overcame them, and thoughts on best practices..

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