Looking to Implement
Agile Marketing?

You know that you need to be agile in your marketing, but you don't know how to actually go about it or where to start. How do you move from a desire to be agile, to operating effectively using Agile practices? Agile Marketing isn't plug-and-play; there's no one-size-fits-all. It entails a number of different aspects, principles, and methodologies that need to be understood and adapted to suit your particular business context and needs. Based around a two-day workshop, we'll work with you to develop the optimum approach for your Agile Marketing, helping you to create a path to gaining traction and results.

What We'll Cover

This two day workshop is built on the back of an initial fact-finding consultation session to ensure fit with your team, your business and your specific marketing needs. It will provide everything you need to start practicing Agile Marketing with confidence:

  • Choosing the right approach and methodologies that work for your team and your business.
  • Aligning Agile Marketing goals to your wider business objectives.
  • Best practices for working as an Agile Marketing team including how to organise, communicate, share learnings and ideas, and adopt deep and continuous collaboration.
  • Getting going by creating an initial task Backlog and mapping your team's unique workflows.
  • Identifying the steps you need to take to build out your Agile Marketing processes.

Who's This For?

Marketing teams who are:

  • looking to accelerate change and transformation within their organisations and markets;
  • facing disruptive threats and need to switch gears more quickly to be competitive;
  • losing touch with customers who are shifting behaviours, needs and preferences more swiftly.

Who should attend?

  • Marketing teams of all sizes who want the benefits of Agile Marketing but aren't sure where to start.
  • Marketing leadership looking to transition their team(s) to Agile and find quicker paths to positive gains.


Initial consultation call / meeting followed by a two day workshop run on-site.

What Makes Get2Growth Different?

Not Just Trainers But Practitioners
Our workshops are created from hands-on practical experience of actually applying and operating Agile Marketing in real-life businesses. They provide insight into what it takes to make Agile Marketing work having been there and done it. This isn't theory or concepts coming from ten thousand feet; it's in the dirt advice and application that combines the power of people, process and technology to accelerate sustainable change.

Translating Agile for the World of Marketing
Agile wasn't designed for Marketing, having originally stemmed from software development. As it migrated into the wider business, the benefits though have become apparent and proven. Yet, many of the Agile practices and frameworks need to be adapted and honed for the world of Marketing. Our workshops take a pragmatic view in reconciling Agile practices so they work in the context of Marketing and for your unique situation.