Know Your Audience

Your audience is the lifeblood of your business. Without them you have no-one to sell to. Your starting point to building a viable business or brand is therefore to Know Your Audience.

Too many businesses though blindly build or market products without considering who it is that they're actually catering for. Will someone actually be interested in, and crucially pay for their product at the end of the day? The most amazing product in the world, best advertising campaign, or biggest launch budget are all wasted if you're targeting the wrong audience. It's fundamental, therefore, to ask:

- How do you know who you should target?
- How do you decide to go after one group of potential customers versus another?
- If you have an audience already, are they a good fit for your proposition? Are you for them?
- How can you better understand your audience to be able to have greater impact and engage with them more effectively?
- Are there sections within your audience who are likely to be more responsive?
- How do you identify where the greatest opportunity lies?

The audience that you intend to serve should be the guiding reference for everything that you do. It is the basis of all decision-making, forming the foundation of all your strategies, tactics, and communications. Businesses that focus on defining their audience effectively achieve more compelling results:

✔  faster sales cycles
✔︎︎  higher conversion rates
✔  greater customer value︎

Know Your Audience

Who To Target.

"The most important strategic decision is targeting -
nail this and everything else falls into place."
Philip Kotler

Many businesses, especially startups, often simply take a leap of faith; or they do rudimentary research without sufficient assessment or testing.

Understanding where your idea or solution will gain the most resonance, where your focus and resources will be optimised, and where the greatest commercial opportunity exists is a balance of art and science.  

The following posts contain techniques, tips, and templates to channel your thinking, ideas, and insights in combination with rigorous investigation, analysis, and testing to better know your audience both upfront, and on an ongoing basis.

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Know Your Audience: Techniques, Tips, and Tactics to Discover Your Ideal Target Audience

Coming Soon!

In my upcoming new book, Know Your Audience, I'll give you everything you need to:
✔  Define your audience︎: consider who's your ideal target customer
✔︎  Profile your audience: dive deep into who they are and how they're made up
✔  Understand your audience: see what stimulates, motivates, and drives them
✔  Evolve your audience︎: learn how to turn your audience into a movement