Simplified Marketing Planning

Marketing Planning doesn't have to be complicated, convoluted or time consuming.

It should be kept simple, focused and lean to be able to get things into play quickly so you can gain feedback, learn and iterate to improve performance on an ongoing basis. Yet, doing the necessary thinking upfront is crucial to provide clarity and develop strategic insights.  

The FREE templates and canvases below give you the frameworks to gather the required inputs, structure your ideas and thinking, and devise strategies and activity plans that are aligned to your business goals and resources.

The One Page Marketing Plan is designed to filter and hone your insights, ideas, and thinking in order to: define, profile and understand your audience; establish your marketing goals and develop strategies to meet them; and outline your channels-to-market, tactics, and success measures.

One Page Marketing Plan Video Series

Enroll now for the One Page Marketing Plan video training series with deep dives on defining your target audience, creating marketing goals and strategies to meet them, understanding the marketing channels and tactics to use, and how to put your plan into action, measure progress, and improve over time.

The One Page Account Plan focuses on individual customers to define your strategic approach towards them through: understanding their business, needs, and priorities; specifying target objectives for the account; and identifying potential revenue streams with action plans for realising them.

The Account-Based Marketing Framework helps Sales and Marketing teams to build their Account-Based Marketing plans by defining their target accounts lists, understanding the value proposition for those accounts, identifying the channels to engage, and scoping their content and programs.

The SCOPE Situational Analysis tool is a re-invention of the traditional SWOT analysis. SCOPE examines the context and environment of a business, brand, or product by reviewing rear-view, present, and future-facing aspects.

OKRs - standing for 'Objectives and Key Results' - is the goals setting technique that revolutionised Google and subsequently went on to be adopted by the likes of Oracle, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, Dell, Facebook, Adobe, Uber, and many more hugely successful companies. This template gives you a framework for constructing your OKRs in the context of your specific business ambitions and challenges.

The ability to write an effective creative brief is a fundamental discipline in marketing. Great marketing only stems from a great brief. In other words, you only get out what you put in. The One Page Creative Brief template provides a framework for marketers to outline the necessary direction and inputs for their campaigns and programs, whilst offering the scope for creatives and planners to ideate and innovate so they can deliver great work.

The Value Proposition Storyboard

Too many businesses struggle to articulate what they do, let alone have a compelling answer as to why people should actually buy their products or services. An effective Value Proposition tells the story of your business and allows people to understand what difference you're going to make in their worlds. The Value Proposition Storyboard is a canvas that enables you to craft your Value Proposition by focusing on its constituent parts: who's your audience, what's their need, how does your solution meet this, why is it better than what they're currently using or doing, what evidence do you have to support this, and how are you remarkable?