The New Marketing Agenda

Marketing has changed.

Everyone thinks that they can do Marketing. They think it’s easy, just a matter of common sense. We all consume Marketing (or rather what we consider Marketing); we know what we like and what we respond to, hence we believe that we’re experts.

But Marketing has changed and has to change…fundamentally.

Changing customer context.

The context within which customers now ‘exist’ has changed. Technology has vastly increased our knowledge and insights about customers, leading to an ability to communicate and engage with them in a much more tailored and intimate fashion. This is no longer being led by companies, brands or marketers, but is being demanded by customers themselves who are looking for and expecting more personalized experiences. Their context has become both more dynamic and relevant at the same time.

Changing beliefs and purpose.

The advent of the internet has increased our access to knowledge and information exponentially, whilst simultaneously connecting us to more people with different views and ideas than ever before. These trends have changed the values and beliefs of the connected generations such that they now ask more from the companies, brands and products that they engage with. They are looking for them to add something meaningful to their lives, to have a purpose beyond their utility. Those that strive for a greater cause will prevail, whilst those who merely exist to make a profit will enjoy only fleeting moments of customers’ attention.

Richard Branson Quote

New Marketing is not a function.

These two factors mean that the practices that we adopt to ‘market’ our products and services; the ways that we build brands; and how we engage with customers have to change.

In an age where customers are more aware, savvy, empowered and connected than ever before, Marketing isn’t an extra thing that’s attached on like it used to be in the 80′s and 90′s – it’s now wired into the DNA of the business. We’re all in Marketing; we all do Marketing. Marketing is how we realize the promise that we make to our customers; it takes the innovation of our product or service and gives it meaning and relevance for customers by providing context and purpose.

How do we get these things called customers?

No company can gain, secure and grow customers without Marketing. The New Marketing Agenda blends disciplines including Design Thinking, Inbound Marketing, Performance Marketing and Growth Hacking to create a new ecosystem that engages the whole business internally, as well as it’s wider sphere of external interactions and influence, to meet the challenges of this New World in driving customer and revenue growth.

This isn’t easy, but then no meaningful cause ever is.

  • 6 years ago