New to
Agile Marketing?

You've come across the term Agile Marketing and it sounds interesting, but you're unsure exactly what it means and what it entails. Or, you've already bought into the need for an Agile Marketing approach in your organisation, but you need to bring the rest of your team with you to gain their understanding and buy-in before you can move forward with adoption. Then this introductory workshop will enable you to give your team an outline and overview of exactly what Agile Marketing is, how it works, what it means for your organisation, what you need to consider before moving forward, and what benefits you can gain from implementing.

What We'll Cover

  • An introduction to Agile Marketing - what it is, how it originated, and what the benefits are
  • Why Marketing needs agility now
  • Outline the key principles, methodologies, components, and terminology of Agile Marketing
  • Highlight approaches to planning and execution: establishing Agile teams, designing workflows and fostering collaboration
  • Determine how to create a culture of relentless customer focus through Agile Marketing principles

Who's This For?

Marketing teams who are:

  • looking to accelerate change and transformation within their organisations and markets;
  • facing disruptive threats and need to switch gears more quickly to be competitive;
  • losing touch with customers who are shifting behaviours, needs and preferences more swiftly.

Who should attend?

  • Senior management and marketing leaders who oversee multiple marketing teams
  • Marketing managers responsible for functional areas
  • Marketing executives looking for a better understanding of how to apply Agile across their department(s) 


This is a half day, instructor-led workshop that can either be run on-site or via webinar / video conference for distributed teams.

What Makes Get2Growth Different?

Not Just Trainers But Practitioners
Our workshops are created from hands-on practical experience of actually applying and operating Agile Marketing in real-life businesses. They provide insight into what it takes to make Agile Marketing work having been there and done it. This isn't theory or concepts coming from ten thousand feet; it's in the dirt advice and application that combines the power of people, process and technology to accelerate sustainable change.

Translating Agile for the World of Marketing
Agile wasn't designed for Marketing, having originally stemmed from software development. As it migrated into the wider business, the benefits though have become apparent and proven. Yet, many of the Agile practices and frameworks need to be adapted and honed for the world of Marketing. Our workshops take a pragmatic view in reconciling Agile practices so they work in the context of Marketing and for your unique situation.