Agile Marketing & Business Resources

Agile Marketing is all about speed. It requires you and your team to take actions, learn from the outcomes, refine, and then move forward. To help cut out the up-front time to build your plans, campaigns, and tests, here's a series of free templates and tools that you can use to move quickly. 

These are intended to enable you to spend less time worrying about how to structure your ideas and thinking, and more about doing so you can keep business simple and be agile. 

The One Page Marketing Plan is designed to filter and hone your insights, ideas, and thinking in order to: define, profile and understand your audience; establish your marketing goals and develop strategies to meet them; and outline your channels-to-market, tactics, and success measures.

The One Page Account Plan focuses on individual customers to define your strategic approach towards them through: understanding their business, needs, and priorities; specifying target objectives for the account; and identifying potential revenue streams with action plans for realising them.

The Account-Based Marketing Framework helps Sales and Marketing teams to build their Account-Based Marketing plans by defining their target accounts lists, understanding the value proposition for those accounts, identifying the channels to engage, and scoping their content and programs.

The SCOPE Situational Analysis tool is a re-invention of the traditional SWOT analysis. SCOPE examines the context and environment of a business, brand, or product by reviewing rear-view, present, and future-facing aspects.

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