Wanting to Scale Your
Agile Marketing?

Have you started to experiment and trial using Agile practices for your Marketing team and now want to double down to move whole-hog to adopt Agile Marketing ways-of-working? Maybe you've started to see some positive gains, yet you're unsure where to go next? The Agile Marketing journey can have many turns; some leading to accelerated progress, whilst others can take you backwards. It's always an advantage to have an experienced guide who knows the routes best travelled; who can help steer and advise you on where to focus and how to best apply the many difference approaches available to gain the quickest and best results.

What We'll Cover

Extended coaching and consulting options providing you the support to help you navigate your Agile Marketing journey:

  • Train-the-trainer sessions to create internal facilitators.
  • Coaching / mentoring leaders and teams to get the most out of their Agile Marketing practices.
  • Suggestions for process and practice alterations based on emerging challenges and needs.
  • Connecting Agile Marketing projects with wider business teams to ensure buy-in and mobilisation.
  • Identifying and understanding the key metrics and indicators that will steer your Agile Marketing initiatives and overall marketing performance.

Who's This For?

Marketing teams who are:

  • already using some elements of Agile, such as Backlogs, Sprints, or Stand-ups, and now want to take their Agile Marketing to the next level;
  • using Agile Marketing in pockets, but want to extend it across multiple teams;
  •  looking to build sustainability into their Agile practices so they can see long-term benefits.


Customised consulting, coaching, and mentoring to meet your specific requirements delivered either on-site or via video-conference.

What Makes Get2Growth Different?

Not Just Trainers But Practitioners
Our workshops are created from hands-on practical experience of actually applying and operating Agile Marketing in real-life businesses. They provide insight into what it takes to make Agile Marketing work having been there and done it. This isn't theory or concepts coming from ten thousand feet; it's in the dirt advice and application that combines the power of people, process and technology to accelerate sustainable change.

Translating Agile for the World of Marketing
Agile wasn't designed for Marketing, having originally stemmed from software development. As it migrated into the wider business, the benefits though have become apparent and proven. Yet, many of the Agile practices and frameworks need to be adapted and honed for the world of Marketing. We take a pragmatic view in reconciling Agile practices so they work in the context of Marketing and for your unique situation.