Business Planning Templates

Let’s face it – business today has become very complicated! Customers are more savvy, demanding, and vocal; markets are more dynamic; and technology is growing more and more sophisticated. Business owners and teams are having to fight to keep up and make sense of what’s going on. We need help! We need to simplify and streamline our thinking so we can better plan, execute, assess, and adjust our initiatives on an ongoing basis. The business planning templates in the table below are designed to give you the tools you need to streamline your planning, and make your activities more efficient, engaging, and effective. The templates have been developed and battle-tested across a wide range of companies, market sectors, and scenarios. They work.

The principles contained within these templates hold true no matter what the product or service, who the audience is, what competition you’re facing, or what objectives you’re trying to deliver. They’re grounded on key planning principles that are more relevant than ever in today’s age of complexity. Many of you will already have your heads in the weeds – thinking about issues such as SEO optimisation, site conversion, lead generation, Facebook ads, nurture streams, and so on. Yes, these are all relevant and important to driving and capturing demand in today’s online powered world. But before we drown in a sea of tactical must-dos, we need to take a step back. We need to go back to first principles and understand the basis for our actions. We need strategies and ideas that will drive change and stimulate sustainable growth.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
Albert Einstein

The business planning templates outlined here give you the fundamental building blocks to create and execute strategies that will grow your audience, attract them to and convince them of your offering, and foster relationships where the audience will actually do your marketing for you. None of this is rocket science – it shouldn’t be. These templates help you to clarify, simplify and focus your efforts on what will actually make a difference and move the dial in your efforts…and your business.

Simply select one of the business planning templates from the below list to download:

One Page Marketing Plan

One Page Account Plan

One Page Creative Brief

One Page Persona Template

Value Proposition Storyboard

Account-Based Marketing Framework

Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) Template

SCOPE Situational Analysis Template

Customer Journey Map

Marketing Goals Template