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New to Agile Marketing?

This half day workshop will give you an introduction to Agile Marketing principles and techniques.

  • Introduction to Agile Marketing - what it is, how did it originate, what are the benefits, why marketing needs agility now
  • Outline of the key principles, methodologies, components, and terminology of Agile Marketing
  • Highlight approaches to planning and execution: establishing Agile teams, designing workflows and fostering collaboration
  • How to create a culture of relentless customer focus

Format: Half day workshop

Location: On-site or via video-conference


Senior management and marketing leaders who oversee multiple marketing teams

Marketing managers responsible for functional areas

Marketing executives looking for a better understanding of how to
apply Agile across their department(s) 

Looking to Implement Agile Marketing?

This two day workshop is built on the back of an initial fact-finding consultation session to
ensure fit with your team, your business and your specific marketing needs.
It will provide everything you need to start practicing Agile Marketing with confidence.

  • Choosing the right approach and methodology that works for your team and your business
  • Aligning Agile Marketing goals to your wider business objectives
  • Best practices for working as an Agile Marketing team including how to organise, communicate, share learnings and ideas, and adopt deep and continuous collaboration
  • Getting going by creating an initial task Backlog and mapping your team's unique workflow
  • Identifying the steps you need to take to build out your Agile Marketing processes

Format: Initial consultation meeting followed by a two day workshop

Location: On-site or via video-conference


Marketing teams of all sizes who want the benefits of Agile Marketing but aren't sure how to start

Marketing leadership looking to transition their team(s) to Agile and find a quicker path to positive gains

Wanting to Scale Your Agile Marketing?

Extended coaching and consulting options providing the support to
help you navigate your Agile Marketing journey.  

  • Train the trainer sessions to create internal facilitators
  • Coaching / mentoring leaders and teams to get the most out of their Agile Marketing practices
  • Suggestions for process and practice alterations based on emerging challenges and needs
  • Connecting Agile Marketing projects with wider business teams to ensure buy-in and mobilisation
  • Identifying and understanding the key metrics and indictors that will steer your Agile Marketing initiatives and overall marketing performance

Format: Customised to your requirements

Location: On-site or via video-conference

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