Unlock your team's full potential with an expert strategy workshop facilitator

When it comes to propelling your B2B company towards success, strategic planning is paramount. But envisioning, crafting, and executing a winning strategy requires a fresh perspective, unbiased insights, and an orchestrated approach. This is where using an expert external workshop facilitator comes in.

With a proven track record in guiding B2B enterprises through impactful strategy workshops, I'll help you navigate the complex landscape of business growth.

Strategy Workshop Facilitator

40% of managers felt their last strategy workshop didn't achieved its objectives.

43% perceived no or negative impact on either productivity or profitability, and 47% on levels of innovation.

(Advanced Institute of Management Research)

Why do you need an external facilitator?

  • Brings fresh intellectual capital through experience, proven processes, and innovative perspectives.
  • Efficiently handles preparation, ensuring alignment and readiness for meaningful contributions.
  • Designs agendas that foster participation, information sharing, and goal attainment.
  • Offers a wealth of strategic expertise and best-practice frameworks for rapid issue identification and insightful discussions.
  • Eliminates hidden agendas and internal politics, facilitating conflict resolution and the creation of well-rounded, effective strategies.
  • Meticulously manages details and personalities to elevate the discussion's quality.
  • Guarantees outcomes geared toward action, minimising risk and enhancing workshop value.

Focus on participating, not juggling

As a leader, you need to focus your energies on being part of the strategic discussion, not on managing the agenda, watching the clock, and keeping everyone in check.

That's where an expert facilitator comes in!

They can take care of ensuring that the session itself delivers, whilst you lead your team to build a truly transformative plan.

What does a facilitator do?

  • Works with you to design a tailored workshop agenda that meets your business objectives whilst delivering attendee impact and value.
  • Provides frameworks and exercises to use in the workshop to enable strategy development by stimulating constructive discussion, new thinking and ideas.
  • Coordinates and supports your team to generate the necessary pre-work and prep materials to ensure information and inputs are made available prior to the workshop.
  • Handles any logistics and administration to ensure the smooth running of the session.
  • Delivers and facilitates the session making sure that it has open discussions whilst remaining focused, that there is contribution across all attendees, and that it meets your defined objectives.
  • Creates a safe environment for the group so that all voices are heard, any biases and agendas coming in are removed, and conflicts are managed constructively.
  • Provides comprehensive documentation of the workshop's discussions, outlining any key insights and agreed upon next steps so that nothing's lost in translation.
Workshop Facilitator

How it works - services offered

Agenda Creation

I'll work with you to design the session agenda so that it meets your specific needs, objectives and team dynamics. As part of this I'll suggest specific strategy frameworks and team exercises that in my experience have helped to clarify thinking, generate innovation and build team collaboration.

Prep Coordination

I'll coordinate with you and your team to complete the necessary analyses and pre-work before the workshop. I'll be available to offer any guidance and assistance on this as required, and then I'll consolidate and disseminate the materials so that all attendees have the time to review in advance.

Session Facilitation

On the day, I'll run the session by directing the conversation aligned to agreed agenda. As I do this, I'll ensure that all team members are contributing and that discussions aren't diverted by any prior biases, conflicts or personalities. I'll also cover all timing and logistical considerations so the session will run like clockwork!

Outputs & Actions

Throughout the workshop I'll be capturing all the insights generated and actions agreed. Immediately post I'll then write-these up into a concise document that, with your sign-off, I'll share with the attendees.

Workshops can be run from 1/2 day to 2 days sessions, and can be either in-person or virtual, via video conference.

Types of workshops covered: Corporate Away Days, Strategy Offsites, Business Planning, Business Creativity, Project Workshops, Innovation Workshops.

Why use me as your facilitator?

Extensive experience of facilitating strategic planning workshops for teams across different sizes, experience levels, functions and locations.

Experience of devising winning strategies for businesses from different sectors, of difference organisational sizes and at different development stages

A toolkit of proprietary, "battle-tested" strategy frameworks, models and templates designed to clarify thinking, stimulate ideas, and direct actions

How to book

To enquire or to register your interest in booking a workshop, then please complete the following short form:

What's the actual cost of holding a poor strategy session?


The output will be weak strategy and a poorly built plan that will lead to under-delivery on revenue and missed opportunities to drive growth.  


As well as the wasted time taken for the workshop itself (including all the prep), you will also lose time in getting to your goals by having to re-set further down the line.


The resulting lack of direction and collaboration between attendees, and their teams, will mean sub-optimal use of resources and wasted investment. 


Individuals and teams won't buy in to the strategy and therefore won't feel accountable for delivering it. Lack of purpose and clarity will foster poor morale across the business.

Want to avoid that? Let's talk.